Commodore Hull Thanksgiving Day 5K Road Race - Shelton & Derby Connecticut

Derby area, Connecticut, United States

The course begins & ends (1) on Shelton's Riverwalk. Runners head east and loop under the Commodore Hull Bridge (2) to Canal Street (3) heading west. They circle around the Farmers' Market (4) and head up Cornell Street to Howe Avenue (5). The head west on Howe until turning right onto Bridge Street (6) where they cross over the Housatonic River to Derby's Main Street (7). They will turn left and head north on Elizabeth Street (8) and continue past the Derby Green (9) onto Seymour Avenue to the turn around point at the Derby Public Library (10). They will then retrace their steps back to the finish line with the lone exception being a right turn at the bottom of Cornell Street onto Canal street instead of circling the Farmers Market.

The first year of the race, the course started and ended on the Riverwalk itself, but it was quickly apparent that it was not wide enough for the number of runners. You can see our virtual tour of the original course and the current course by clicking here.