Runners who have finished every race!

2015 Group Picture

Seventeen runners have managed to finish all thirteen of the Commodore Hull Thanksgiving Day 5K Road races and have been bestowed with the honorary title of "Plankholders". We dropped two runners this year.

Each runner received a special commemorative t-shirt in 2012.

These runners have now completed all 13 races.

Anderson, Bob Shelton, CT
Buccigross, Heather Shelton, CT
Dempsey, Laura Watertown, MA
DiSorbo, Leo Shelton, CT
Eaton, David Shelton, CT
Fitzgerald, John Shelton, CT
Flynn, Patrick Monroe, CT
Jurkowski, Jack Seymour, CT
Kieley, Mike Shelton, CT 
Lauretti, Mark Shelton, CT 
Letendre, Dean Shelton, CT
Lucker, Kristine Shelton, CT 
Mattheis, Ben Cheshire, CT
Ng, Steven Shelton, CT
Smith, Scott Beacon Falls, CT
Stein, David Shelton, CT 
Stein, James Shelton, CT 

Those in Green have registered for 2015.

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