All Time Winners!

The following table shows all of the top male and female runners in the Commodore Hull Thanksgiving Day 5K Road Race. The 2017 race saw three time winner Tim Milenkevich edged out by Derby High School phenom Ken Little as the two finised a minute ahead of the rest of the field. Lauren Flament won the Women's Division for the third time in four years. In 2016 Tim Milenkevich became a three time winner and regained the crown he last won in 2013 with a time of 16:24. Anna Pluta captured the Women's Division in 19:53.

Richard Stoliker won the 2015 race and also set a new course record with a time of 15:39. Lauren Flament was the Women's winner, and became the third multiple winner on the female side.

The women's division has generally been much closer highlighted by Kelly Bergeron's photo finish over Robyn Hudak in 2006 and Sandra Dallas's 2 second margin over Eileen Curley in the race's first year. Ironically, both the men's and women's records were set in the same year - 2003. The slowest winning times were also recorded in both divisions in the same year - 2005. However, there was a very good reason for that - the course was covered with snow! In 2014, an alternate course was used, so it is difficult to make a comparison to earlier years, but Giuliani's 15:05 would be a race record even if it is not a course record.

YearRunnersMaleTime FemaleTime
2017 651 Ken Little 16:00  Lauren Flament 19:34
2016 650 Tim Milenkevich 16:24  Anna Pluta 19:53
2015 652 Richard Stoliker 15:39  Lauren Flament 19:48
*2014 585 Bobby Giuliani 15:05  Lauren Flament 19:17
2013 650 Tim Milenkevich 16:00  Emily McNeil 19:24
2012  625 Tim Milenkevich 15:56 Kimberly Battipaglia 19:45
2011 604 Joe Poulsen 16:12 Kimberly Battipaglia 20:07
2010 596 Phil Padilla 15:59 Kimberly Battipaglia 18:58
2009571Keith Sansone15:51 Kimberly Battipaglia19:10
2008584John Critelli16:04 Kimberly Battipaglia19:21
2007569John Critelli16:06 Kimberly Battipaglia19:34
2006474John Critelli16:12 Kelly Bergeron19:27
2005356John Critelli16:59 Robyn Hudak21:09
2004449Jeff Roginielewicz15:55 Robyn Hudak20:40
2003450Jeff Roginielewicz15:44 Kristin Wenstrom18:50
2002304Mike Padilla16:08 Sandra Dallas19:34

*Alternate course

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