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Web Site Name DHS Grad Comments
 Adzima, Mary Working with Coldwell Banker in Oxford
 Adzima-Carey, Donia1951Falmouth, MA
 Afasano, Vincent P1966I played football and track for Derby from 1962 to 1966. I certainly enjoyed my years at Derby High and have many fond memories. I now live in Cromwell, Ct with my wife and 2 children. I currently an employed at the Travelers Insurance Co. in Hartford, Ct as a Senior Claim Representative handling high exposure Workers' Compensation Calims. My wife is a nurse at Grove Hill Medical Center in New Britain, Ct.
 Bob Ahearn1963Born & raised in Derby. Lived there for 30+ years. I have friends and relatives there and I visit quite often. Still a great place. Now in Cheshire.
This is a great web-site to keep in touch.
 Allbert, Donna M1977Living in: Radcliff KY near Ft. Knox. I live in Kentucky work in Louisville, I have 3 dogs 3 cats 2 daughters and one husband. I miss yall.
  Dan Allen1971 
 Allen, Donna E1968Raised in Derby, lived there until my divorce 6 years ago. Miss it very much... Go class of '68...... Living in Ansonia now
 Ash, Lou2004Hello
 Ausonio, Salvatore, W.1965I'm now living in San Diego, Ca. Sure would like to hear from some of the old crowd !!!!
 Ahearn,Dennis1981Living in Silicon Valley, but still think of Derby as home. Living in Mountain View, CA
  Allen, Dan 1971 Windsor Locks, CT - I loved growing up in Derby and still make it to a game or two every season. Played Football & Track & Field for Derby '67-'70. Silver Turkey award winner, which is actually a gold football also Midge Cirillo award winner. Captain of senior track team. Derby gave me a million good memories!
 Allen, Ray1975Hi all - living here in WV since grad UConn in 79. Married w/ 2 kids - 16 & 18 right now. Still get back to visit family a couple times a year. Feel free to drop a line.
YAmbrose, Michael E. I grew up reading comics published by Charlton Press and nowadays I publish a magazine, CHARLTON SPOTLIGHT, devoted to telling the history of the Charlton publishing company. I first visited Derby in 1960 when I was 4 years old and last visited in August 1999. I would love to go back to your beautiful city someday! Anybody who has any anecdotes about Charlton Press or their comics and would like to share them, please contact me!
 Anroman, Gilda M.1977Living in Greenbelt, Maryland    Enjoy visiting.
 Anstey, Stephen, E1972Living in Merritt Island, Florida and working as a rocket scientist. Great Web site. Thanks for the memories
 Audet, Normand To all the kids I grew up with that are still kids at heart, I sure miss seeing all of you. I am now living in DeLand, Florida, another little town and home of Stetson University. I love being able to check the Derby site to keep abreast of the happenings in the Valley. Go Big Red!!!
 Augusta, Judith W.  
 Ausonio, Salvatore W1965 living in San Diego now, but will always miss Derby. 
YBarri-Moore, Kescia A.1985Greetings from Palm Harbor, Florida (still). Living on the west coast of Florida for 15 years now. Two kids and one ex husband, home, job, all the usual.
Hope everyone is great, class of 1985 awesome reunion!
Feel free to email..
 Battista, John1979Lots of miles in between but only 12 away now (North Haven). I loved growing up in the Valley. The 70's were great there.
 Beattie, Carla G. Program Director of Pathfinder Associates, Inc.
 Beers, Tim1995Have been Active Duty Air Force for 5 years now. Enlisted right after I graduated from DHS. Living in Charleston, South Carolina
 Benavides, Victor H.  Living in Miami, Florida. Wonderful years of my life 1970-1982 I can not forget Derby, I will always remember those beautiful years in these Beautiful town, "Derby" you always will be in my heart
 Berey, David1979Great place growing up. Have life-long friends.
  Billings, Grace1959 Living in West Haven
 Bittmann, Laurie1996Left Derby to go to college, and never came back! Living in MA and loving it. Now in Grad School for counseling.
 Blackwell, Maria, J.1980 
 Bond, Michael D1979

I miss all my friends I had in Derby.  Would love to hear from you.  Live in West Virginia currently.

 Bonfanti Richard1964 
 Bonina (Boudreau), Yvonne M1970 
 Borchers, Margaret Derby is a great place to work!
 Brady, Jack1947 
 (Ogle) Boroski, Mary Lou1954I live in Shelton now, but Derby will always be my home town, and my favorite web site, keep up the good work, I love your history contests.
 Borrelli (Sbriglia), Nadine1978Middletown, CT
 Brandi, Kathy Moran1981Living in Hebron, CT with husband Neal and daughter Olivia.
 Brawley(Deforest) Natalie, A.1983Derby was a wonderful place to grow up... miss it. I now live in Southwest Florida but love to come visit. Hello to all my friends in Derby!


Brennan, Jim I'm a native of Derby, UK, and as a journalist have tried for some years to encourage contacts between our cities (and other Derbys).Now 83, but still writing. I hope your rules do not preclude my being added to your list. Perhaps I could become a kind of honorary Derbeian (USA_ ? Or even an honorary Derby High graduate !
All good wishes.
 Brown,Toni (DeRosa)1958Living in Jupiter, Florida - Return home 2-3 times a year to see mom. There have been many times when I have wanted to return to live there. to the best little town I know.
  Cammarata, Christopher John 1989-90

Living in:   Florida

YCampbell, Adele (Harak) I was born in Derby at Griffin Hospital in 1948 with my twin brother, Simon. I live in Vancouver, WA, and he lives in Milwaukee, WI.
 Carey, Thomas, F1934Aurora, Co.
 Cartenuto-Wadleigh,Lyn1964Living in W. Medina Mesa, AZ
 Cass, Deidre (O'Donnell)1981Think of my classmates often. Hope that all of you are doing well!!
 Casteel, Kristen, Jecusco Grew up in Derby, left the area for about 12 years. Finally back, now live in Ansonia. It's great to be home again. Living in Ansonia
 Celone, Cathy1978come back to town at least once a month to see family
Living in: Winchester NH
 Chapman, Lenora1978Living and working in Meriden, CT. Enjoying life :-)
 Chebro, Tom1975This is a great way of keeping in touch. Living in Locust Grove, Ga.30248
  Chevarella, Danine M. 1985This is a very nice feature on the Derby website. Born and raised and lived most of my life here and I do love it. I bought a house in Waterbury and I love it here now too. But I am always in Derby, especially visiting my parents. I'm proud that Derby is the smallest city in CT, that's pretty cool. I wonder if anyone will contact me through this website, I'll just wait and see. Blessings to you all.
 Chromik,Richard, A1976Hello Derby!
 Clark, Linda Diller1965From one end of the Housatonic to the other, I now live in Sharon, CT
Raised in Derby, attended Hawthorne, Lincoln, & DHS. Fond memories of Recreation Camp, Roseland Pizza, Picketts Pond, and of course class of '65
 Clarke,Beverly J Moved to Derby in 1970 as a newlywed, my husband had a cousin Mickey who owned the Kozy Korner bar, we lived on Olivia St and loved eating at the River Restaurant every payday. Used to go across the bridge into Shelton to visit his Aunt Flossie on Sundays, wonderful memories. Now living in New York
 Comkowycz, Paul1969Proud to be from Derby; living in Winter Haven, Florida
 Comkowycz,Patricia (Chromik)1971Bradenton, FL
 Comkowycz, Tom1978Rex, GA (Atlanta Suburb)
 Conlon, Sean1994Derby was a great place to grow up. I can't imagine a better place to come of age. Living in Willington, CT
 Conte,John J.1957Living in: 1235 Westwoods Rd., Mt. Carmel, Conn. 06518
 Cooke, Audra1990I am living in Illinois working as a college administrator.
 Copeland (Stiber), Ken 

Graduated Hamden High in 67 but went to school in Derby until 1965. Hawthorne, Irving, Franklin, Bradley and 'Old' Derby High. Living in Wallingford

  Coppola,Ed,T 1980Born and raised in Derby, on Hawkins Street, went to Emmett O'Brien tech graduated in 1980. Now residing in Bethany,CT.
 Costa, Deborah (Donchez) 1976I was born and raised in Derby. It was the greatest place to grow up. I have wonderful memories of ice skating at Picketts Pond and summers spent at the Derby Green with friends. Living in Chicago
 D'Ambruoso, Edward A1969Just moved back to cal-in july 2009. Have the kids here, but will always call Derby "home." Lots of fond memories and family gatherings. Those Red Raider games on Sat morning--friday night lights just don't measure up, but times change--will definitely try to visit once a year,as i always have--God bless
 Scott Davis1987Living in Charlotte, NC
 De Carlo. Christian, P.1945Hi; Raised in Derby. The greatest little city in the US. The best place in the world to grow up. The education system in Derby served me well throughout my whole life. Would do it over again, if I could. God bless our service people all over the world. God bless to all.

Living in: Groton CT

 DeFusco, John1974Living_in: Rhode Island Old friends, please e-mail me.
 DellaRocco-Stumpo, Alisa 1988DHS Class of 88, 20th reunion set for June 28, 2008. Email me for details!
Living_in: Southern California
  DeLorenzo,Francis (Frank)  1986I was born & raised in Derby. I lived there until I was 25 yrs old. I
was on the Derby Wrestling team , Played football and was active in the Fire Dept. I just wanted to say "hi".
P.S. Does anyone know where my old buddy Kevin (Red) Coolidge is?
 DeLorme, Pamela A. (Taurick)1961Sorry I have missed my past reunions. I miss everyone I went to school with and think of you often.
Living in Ft. Lauderdale, FL
  Nick DeMayo1980 Been in Va for 20 yrs now. Love Derby,lots of friends but it has changed.Im still from Derby and always will. Living in Williamsburg, Va.
 Denton, Stan1975Living in St.Peters,Mo(near St.Louis)- Regional Sales Mgr. for a yeast company - Travel the mid-west and south-east -- Would love to hear from other class members. Celebrated 20 years of marriage in 1998 - 5 children - Life is wonderful, doing great!
  DeRosa, Dave1977Nice Place To Visit
 De Rosa Lawrence F My father was born in Puglianello. When I learned that Derby and Puglianello were sister cities I became interested, and hope to learn more about Puglianello and maybe see some photos. I would appreciate being able to attend activities pertaining to the Puglianello population.
 Detullio, Ronald William aka the duck. living in Taos, NM
 DiGiovanni, Lucio Z I  have lived in Derby about 18 years, from when my family moved to 25 Derby Avenue from Catignano, Italy until I graduated from UCONN in 1973. I attended Derby High School for one year (1965) after which I transferred to Bullard Haven Regional Vocational High School in Bridgeport CT. I miss Derby a LOT.
 Dimon, Patricia A. (Piekarski)1957I miss the Valley. Living in: Lexington, KY
 DiRienzo, Joseph M. I was born and raised in Derby. My folks still live on Chapel Street and I visit several times a year. Moved away after college. I attended Franklin School (Class of 1964) and graduated from Notre Dame HS (WH) in 1968, Providence College (1972) and McGill University (1976). I currently live just west of Philadelphia, PA and work at the University of Pennsylvania. Would love to hear from any old classmates from Franklin School.
 Donchez , Deborah1976Living in Chicago
 Doucette, Mike1985Currently living in England. Hope to be returning in the near future. Have many great memories of growing up in Derby.
Duggan, Joe1975 Live in Newington Ct. When people ask me where I'm from, I tell them Derby, but that I live in Newington now!
 Duggan,Patrick, M.1981Living in Clayton, California. Spent 4 years active/6 reserve in the Navy. Last 15 years as a Police Officer SWAT/K9 handler in California. Now living in Clayton CA with my wife Karen, daughter Brenna and sons Patrick, Carrick and Finnian. Still get to visit "home" a few times a year. Derby was a great place to grow up. It's great to see old friends when I'm back there!
  Dupke, Kevin 1971Living_in:   Creole, LA. Just a great place to be born and raised. A great little community. Living/retiring in Creole, LA. Cardiologist in the civilian world, Flight Surgeon in the Navy.
 Dupont (Vinchinski) Mary Ellen1969

The sun is great but, after 17 years and 2 kids I am "missing" the East coast..may be back soon. Go Raiders! Living in Chandler (Phoenix), Arizona

 Emma, Bert1964Living in Atlanta, but a Derbyite at heart!
  Ennis,Kerry,D.1976it's always good to come home again if only in your thoughts. Living in Daytona Beach, FL
 Esposito, Desiree Filion1981Living in Seymour with sons Christopher 10 and Michael 6. Married to Allan Esposito, Owner of Nails by Desiree for 9 yrs. now located in the antique section of Seymour.
 Deborah (Hunter) Estwan1983Currently reside in Seymour, Ct. and absolutely love the woodsy environment however, I still visit mom in Derby. Professionally, I am an Adjunct Psychology Instructor. I would love to hear from class mates from the past.
 Farrell, Helena1974Living in Maryland after a long stay overseas
YFatterusso, Lisa  (now Hoven-Phillips) 1982Living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands with my husband, Marko and our two daughters. I currently run our testing department for IBM BeNeLux. Our door islways open for visitors :-)
x Filan, Pat 

Living in Fairfield


Edward Finch

 Living in Wyoming
 Finch, Jenniegrace (Izzo) Living in Wyoming
 Finnucan, Lou Ann1972Moved to Fort Myers, FL in 1990 but still consider Derby my home. My husband (Vince Leta) and I visit Derby 3 or 4 times every year to see family and friends and to see how things have changed. Since I was the former Head Librarian at the Derby Public Library and a former tax board member I am very interested in the changes that have taken place in my home town. Overall I am very pleased with the progress and wish you the best of luck with additional plans for improvement.

Just an update to my original posting. My husband, Vincent Leta, and I moved to The Villages, FL almost three years ago.

 Fitzgerald, Mark1974Living in Madison, NJ
 Fitzgerald, Robert E.1972Living in Denver with my two sons; working (as an architect) in Aspen and Vail, Colorado and elsewhere since 1981. I do think often of the Valley and of those I knew there, and I hope all are doing well!
YFitzsimmons, Patrick1980 
 Flaherty, Charlotte  
 Fulkerson, Peggy Hemstreet Living in Ontario, New York - Llived on smith street for a number of years. moved to new york in 1995. All my family----my sister and brothers were all born at Griffin Hospital.
 Gabianelli, Al1983Own Scooter's B.P. Gas Station and Deli Mart on Bridgeport Avenue in Shelton. Stop in and see me some time! Living_in Beacon Falls now
 Garatoni,Paul,Jr.1961Born in DErby,1943.Grew up and lived on Hawkins St .Now I live in Alstead,NH.Am retired and now devote my time to historical reenactments,1600-1870.Would like to here from anyone who wanys to talk. The one thing we in the Valley got spoiled with is the food, Pizza being the best. The Garatoni clan is pretty well scattered now. Only one left in Derby. Hope to here from you out there. Living_in: Alstead,NH 03602
 gentili, vincenzo  

Living_in:   lawrenceville, ga. 30043 my wife and i lived in derby for awhile.

 Gerard (Jerry) Gow


1952I was married to Marylou Mlynar (Ansonia High, 1954) for 38 years before she died in 1996. I'm now retired and living in California. I live near two of my three children (the third lives in San Diego) and all four of my grandchildren. I'd like to hear from anyone who knew me or Marylou.
 Girouex/Tuccio J M Born in Derby Fl now
 Goddard, Elizabeth, MJ  Hi Everyone! I just found this web page...I was born [and still live in] Derby, England. Technically I'm a Derbyite so am I allowed to be on your listings? Hope so. Where abouts in America are you located? Wherever you're situated, it sounds like a smashing place!
 GOODMAN, Michael S. I'm a former resident of the Housatonic Valley (from 1964-67), now living in Madison WI, but still remain homesick for the beautiful countryside
YGori (Mirochine), Liane1985Living in York County, Virginia. Happily married with 2 children.
Currently employed full-time and working on my MBA. Would love to hear from old friends and classmates from the valley. Email me!!
 Gorman,Patricia A.1974I loved growing up in Derby. Looking for info on class reunion.
 Granato - Mercede, Renee1982 
 Grant, Frederick M. My Wife, Anne (DeGennaro) and I Now live in Clermont, Florida.
YGreen-Strachan Lara S.1987I currently live in Thomaston, CT.  I am truly a Derbyite at heart. I still come back as it will always be home to me.
 Griego, (Bayley) Cathleen A1975Living in sunny San Diego, Calif. since 1977. Loved growing up in Derby, Lots of long lasting friendships. I visit often, and miss the small town atmosphere. Hope the 'new' downtown renovations go well. Will be nice to see it
 Haddix, Andrea (Leitch)1976Living in Macon, Georgia
 Haefele-Byron, Christine1988Miss you Guys, Class of 1988
  Hamlin,Ellen Banko 1968I am so glad I found this page. Was just thinking about all the good times I had growing up in Derby. Went to St. Michael's School, then on to Derby High. Live in Milford now and am semi retired. Am a grandma times 2 but the children live in California. Hope to hear from someone in the 1968 class.
 Hammarstrom, Patricia (DeGennaro)1962Living_in: Diamondhead, MS I moved to New Orleans in 1990 and am presently living in Diamondhead MS. Have three children, a daughter in Fort Lauderdale who is expecting our first grandchild, a daughter in Memphis,TN and a son in New Orleans. Retired in 1994 and loving it in the South. My brother Larry , class of 1947, and I have enjoyed touring this site.
 Harak, G. Simon S. J. Living in Baltimore
 Hart, Melissa Middendorf1989

Moved out of the valley when I got married...entire family is still there, though!!!! Living in Old Wethersfield, CT

  Hart-padierna, Kyla  born in derby ct and graduated from dhs and now live in tx
 Hayden,Don,F.1956Grad. from St. Mary's 1952,grad from DHS 1956.Living in Ceresco, Michigan (near Battle Creek) since 1975.Retired.Worked as Engineer in Automotive Industry for 28 years. This is fun web site to surf. Feel free to E-Mail me, would like to hear from old classmates. Take care!
 Hebert, Michael C. 1978Living_in: Anover, KS - Fire Station Captain with Sedgwick County Fire Department and been with the department since January 1979.
 Hession Tim1976Living in Guilford
 Himmelberger, John1985Currently living in Prospect, CT
 Horvath, Shelley(Ponte)1986Living and teaching in Jensen Beach, FL for 16 years now with my husband and 2 children Joey and Jenna. We're busy with Football, cheerleading, soccer and baseball.(It must be in the blood) After all my years cheering, I am now the Popwarner Football and Cheer Scholastics Director. I'm also working on my masters in EDU. We visit every year. I always look forward to coming "home" and seeing old friends and family. I'm still a Derby Girl!
 Horvath,Tracy,D1987I was born and raised in Derby, my dad still live in Derby and is a diehard Valley Fan! I now live in one of the most beautiful places on the earth, Lake Tahoe ca. However my heart is still with you all and such a big part ofme would love to raise my kids there. I am heading back this summer and thinking about purchasing some real estate.Any good leads anyone? A popwarner cheerleader and then a "Derbyette" I always have good thugts for the Raiders!!!
  Houde, Mark 1972

Living_in:   West Palm Beach, Fl

 Huber (Altorelli), Terri1974Miss Derby and old friends. Living in San Diego now. Write me if you went to school with me. St Mary's and of course Derby High class of '74. Like to have a reunion.
  Humphreys, J.A.  Living_in: Pueblo Colorado I may have an ancestor that once lived in Derdy.
  Jadach, Michele 1989 Living in Stroh, IN
 Jalowiec, Barbara A. I've lived in Derby all my life and I'm now at Assumption College, in Worcester, MA, another All-American City. I've gone from the smallest city in Connecticut to the second-largest city in New England! Although being in Worcester is a good experience, I still look forward to coming home to my family and friends in Derby.
 Jemioto, Henry Retired principal and still a Derby guy at heart.
 Jecusco-Casteel, Kristen1990Living in: Hendersonville, NC. I've moved away from the Valley again, but hope to come back for good one day. The Valley will always be my home in my heart.
  Kapusta (Winkis), Anita 1975 Living_in: West Palm Beach, FL since 1983.Haven't been back to the valley since trying to escape a couple of hurricanes in 2004. Three children, one grandson; working to make a difference as an Afterschool Program Director in a Title I school
 Kapusta, Eugene F.1942Living in: Venice, Florida
 keefe edward f MY FATHER WAS BORN IN 1929 AND RAISED IN DERBY. Living_in:   BEALETON VA
 Kershaw, Janine1983Hello from Alabama....Has anyone seen Zulma Martinez? If so, please email me.
  (Nowakowski) Kovach, Carolyn1971I miss the Valley. Remembering.. walking home from HS with my friends, Raiders, cruising, River Restaurant and Vonettes. Now that I live in WA. I miss the 4 seasons too..we get 2 seasons, cold and warm rain I am in CT every summer. My mother lives in Middletown. I have a son in the Navy with a P3 squadron and a daughter in HS. Feel free to contact me! Living in Montesano, WA
 Krivda,Robert1972Living in Ansonia
 Kryzanski, Daniel H. nice site
Krugel, Eileen M.
 (Elias) Ladrow, Ciana1977Hello everyone, I have never had a change to attend any of the reunions ... hope everyone is doing well. Nice site! I found this site by accident just looking for information about Derby. I saw some of the pictures, but I can't recognize anyone. I guess too many years have passed. Hopefully, I can see everyone next time. Pennsylvania is a great state .... we love it here.
 LaMonica Sal1985Left Derby in 89, moved to Florida till 99, then went out west to Vegas. Still in Vegas, but will go back to Florida sooner or later. Haven't been back to CT since the day I left, hope to get back Nov. 06
 Laraway, Donna (Balisciano,Marinelli)1969It's hot here, but I miss the green hills of Derby!! I recently moved to Peoria, Arizona with my 16 year old daughter and husband.
 Lazzaro, Vinny1976Living_in: Woodbridge
 Leavitt, (McMahon) Gayle1966Living in Orange CT
  Leith , Terry , K . 1964I lived in Derby from 1956 until 1964. I loved the peaceful little town and the people . Moved to Ridley Park Pa. after Graduation .I worked for Boeing Vertol In Eddystone. We built the CH-46 and 47 Tandem Rotor Helicopters.I Graduated from Quaker City School of Aeronatics in '69. ( Philadelphia. ) Moved To California and worked @ Lockheed Skunkworks and Rockwell International ( Space Shuttle Program ) Flight Management Systems. ( Avionics.)Raised 3 Children in Ventura Calif. Now Retired and living in Missouri.
 Lesh, John left derby 1979 in the 9th grade at dhs, moved to southern california, later joined the navy(ret), thinking of my birth place and the people I knew
 Lesko, John, S. 

Searching for graduates of St Michael's RC school class of 1953 in order to plan 50 th anniversary celebration in the year 2003! Living_in Ann Arbor, Michigan

 Loftus Robert F. Always a red raider at heart - living in Milford
 Lowe (Theriault) Karen1980Born and raised in Derby, CT. Living in NW Montana for the past 8 years. Very fond memories of Derby, DHS and all the families in Derby. Would love to hear from some former 1980 classmates!
 Lucas, Karen Woodford1970 
 Lungarini, Bob1978Living in Wethersfield. Grew up in Derby - attended EOB TECH - 1978
  Lungarini, Mary A. 1970Grew up on 6th Street with my 2 Brothers, Walt, in Derby & Ronnie in Oxford. I was in Southbury for 25 years until we moved to Florida to retire. I always miss Derby, especially the Italian bakery down the street, that home town feel and most of all the great memories of St. Mary's and Derby High School. We had a great childhood and great parents.
  Lynes, Barbara Pollard 1964Lived in Derby for 21 yrs. Now living in Seymour..Still a valley girl
 Lyons, Susan S. (Searles)1982living in Trumbull

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