Fourth of July Concert

Ready for any situation!

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The Governor's Foot Guard Band

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Ready for music & fireworks!

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A quick move inside to stay dry...

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....and back outside for the grand finale from Shelton

Even the weather couldn't stop the special Connecticut 2nd Company Governor's Foot Guard Concert on/in the Derby Parking Garage on July 3. The concert started out outside, until it began raining and then moved under cover of the top floor of the garage - and the band played on! 

Despite the rain, there were about 400 people in attendance when Shelton's fantastic fireworks display kicked off. The top floor of the garage made for a spectacular and unobstructed view of the explosions, and the 2nd Company Band complimented the fireworks with a rousing rendition of "Stars & Stripes Forever". What a way to celebrate our nation's birthday in our All America City!

Thanks to our roving reporter and photographer Randy Ritter for the story and the pictures.

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