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Walking, Jogging & Hiking in Osbornedale State Park



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Osbornedale State Park offers a little something for every outdoor enthusiast. One of its greatest pleasures is simply experiencing its charms through a walk, jog or hike through its inner circle of posted trails. If you've never had the opportunity, we thought we would let you sample the park in the full splendor of the fall foliage. The park is great at any time of year, but fall brings with it the spectacular changing of colors. Follow this counter-clockwise tour of the Red trail to get an idea of what the park has to offer before you visit yourself. (Winter hike now available; click here or here for the 2000 version!)

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Start at the lower pavilion.
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As you jog around to the back of Pickett's Pond, you pick up the start of the trail.
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Thanks to some enterprising Scouts, this planking covers a marshy area at the start.

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