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Plankholders Received Special T-shirt

We dropped to 27 after this year's race. Earlier story:

All of our runners are special to us, but we have to confess a soft spot for those who have never missed a race since it's inception. There are 28 of them scheduled to start this year's race, but at 7:45 am we have a special treat for them. A couple of years ago, we took the picture above of all those that we could round up prior to the race for the group shot that you see here. We will be doing that again this year in the exact same spot. We ask each and every Plankholder to be there wearing one of your previous race shirts (or this year's!) for an updated photo. We will take a picture and distribute the special Plankholder t-shirts at the same time. Plankholders will be getting this in addition to the official t-shirt.

Race day is extremely hectic for everyone, and we will not have any extra time. So, please make sure that you are in place at 7:45. This is the only time that we will distribute the shirts. If you are not there to be in the picture, you will not receive a shirt!

We want to thank Plankholder Ben Matthies for suggesting the t-shirt. Ben also asked us to share this message with our other plankholders:

"Let's collectively support this worthwhile organization, it's a great way to also show appreciation for the fun we've had for the past 10 Thanksgiving mornings !

Having just addressed a $100 check to the Boys & Girls Club, 1 Positive Place, Shelton, CT  06484 (on behalf of the Commodore Hull 5K Plank Holders) . . .

I'm suggesting that we all individually make as generous a donation as we are able and ask the race committee to just tally it up as one big donation for Thanksgiving Morning.

Looking forward to seeing you all on the 22nd.

Best Regards,

Ben Mattheis

We would be happy to follow up on his suggestion and we will include the information when we post this year's photo on-line after the race. We know that the Boys & Girls Club can certainly use the funding.


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