Derby Public Library Construction Report

See how we grew!

The work is done and the rededication is history. It took much time, talent, treasure and effort, but the citizens of Derby have a renewed library in which they can take great pride. The best of the past was preserved and the technology of the future has been added. The library is at the end of its first century and is now well-positioned for a new one!

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Libcon3.jpg (31148 bytes)
October, 1997

Libcon2.jpg (33724 bytes)
December, 1997

Libcon1.jpg (31931 bytes)
January, 1998

libcon4.gif (21583 bytes)
February, 1998

libcon5.jpg (26194 bytes)

libcon6.jpg (25196 bytes)
April, 1998

libcon7.jpg (17216 bytes)
May, 1998

libcon8.jpg (20230 bytes)
June, 1998

libcon9.jpg (25291 bytes)
July, 1998

libcon10.jpg (23314 bytes)
August, 1998

libcon11.jpg (22645 bytes)
September, 1998

libcon12.jpg (22437 bytes)
October, 1998

libcon13.jpg (25541 bytes)
November, 1998

libcon14.jpg (48978 bytes)
December, 1998

libcon15.jpg (52452 bytes)
January, 1999


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