Derby's Inaugural Poem

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w.gif (2995 bytes)e are the people
                                       where the rivers meet
               it is our heritage
                                       and it will always be.
We must now re-energize our memories
of O'Sullivan's Island, the boathouse, the tree
with the swing, with the river
and make the future what we want it to be

w.gif (2995 bytes)e are the people
                                      Diverse and ethnic bound
              who built and worked the factories
                                      And forged the work ethic
that eased the adaption to technology.
We changed to succeed and to survive,
we rebuilt it all in fifty-five
we can make the future what we will it to be.

w.gif (2995 bytes)e  are the people
                                       By the rivers banks
               strengthened by our ancestral current
                                       Flowing within us all
blood and water immersed by decree
thankful for GOD'S generosity
to find new captains for our destiny
to protect and create, old and new memories.

w.gif (2995 bytes)e  are the people
                                       Founders of generations
              our roots grow deep.
                                       To nurture and re-plant
each vibrant and fertile seed
by remembering to draw from history
each valiant and heroic deed
and purify with the water that feeds
the ideas to reach......that "Will to be".

H. Bud Searles
Derby's Poet Lauerate

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