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From the old Derby High School, Middle School, Lincoln School - and soon Hallock's Landing

This quiz brought several different answers that may betray the ages of our participants! The sculptures above appear on the building on Minerva Street that was originally known as Derby High School and had that name for most of its existence until the new high school was built on Nutmeg Avenue in 1969. After that, the building was converted for use as The Derby Middle School and finished its educational life as the Lincoln School. After deteriorating badly, it escaped the wrecker's ball and is poised to begin its new life as senior housing in 2006. The completely remodeled building will be known as Hallock's Landing bringing back memories of Derby's rich maritime history rather than its educational past.

Correct answers were received from: Jack Skelding, Raymond M. Petrillo, Millie Fatterusso, Ann Searles, Fred Grant, Randy Ritter, Nick from Terryville, C. M. Stanyke, Marc J. Garofalo, Eddie Calvert, Leo Mosactgo Jr., Ann Searles, Mary Suess,  Beth Collette, Ken Dupke, Lynne Anglace, Joe Dedo, John Rak, Sean Conlon, Julia Romano, Markanthony Izzo, Bernie Conlon, Fred Grant, David Neustaedter, Tom Chebro, Fred Pieroski, Edward Baclawski, Pearl Tyburski, David Lenart, John Kowarik, Howard Bradshaw, Joe Melewski, Ron Sill, Dave Derosa, Allegra Villers, Frank from St. Pete,  James Butler, Jr., Jim Bartlett, Ross Allen, Ann Reilly, Jack Sheehy and Marilyn Mizii.

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