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St. Mary's Brigade

The players and coach are identified as (front l-r) Bud. Bill. Tony, Deggy, Coldwell, Goose & Verette
The back row includes Tillie, Dick, Griffiths, Whale and Roxy

The 1920's have sometimes been referred to as the Golden Age of Sports in the U.S., and Derby enjoyed quite a bit of athletic activity during that period as well. Though most people today associate football with the high school, the group pictured above was part of an organization founded by Rev. John W. Holtz of St, Mary's Church in 1918. The group took the name of St. Mary's Brigade and it grew and prospered and fielded baseball and football teams that successfully competed on a state level. Father Holtz died in 1923, but they organization thrived through the '20's and also included its own band.

They practiced and played their games on a field located on Roosevelt Drive. The field no longer exists, as housing long ago became more of a priority. The field was known affectionately as "Buddies' Field!

Correct answers were received from: Nick from Terryville, Fred Grant, John Rak, Randy Ritter, Anthony and Ann Coscia, and Alice Walsh Murphy.

Those who got half of the quiz correct included: Robert Loftus, Joe Dedo, and Jack Skelding.

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