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Seventh Street

Delaney's Hill

Lafayette Street

Burlock Lane

North Avenue

Pent Road

Having your name on a street is no guarantee that it will always be that way as you can see from the three streets pictured above.  Seventh Street, Lafayette Street and North Avenue all had different names in the past. Today, the power to name a street rests with the Board of Aldermen. We have featured "street" quizzes a few times before. One featured the "Women of Downtown Derby" and another featured the "Junction." The last cobblestone street was another quiz and one even featured a street that no longer exists - at least not as it once did.

Correct answers were received from: Marc J. Garofalo, Ken Dupke, Joe Dedo, Nick from Terryville, Rick Dunne, Randy Ritter, Millie from Ansonia, Joe Melewski, C.M. Stankye, lll, Tom Lenart Jr., Jim Butler Jr, and John Rak. Many others had at least two correct.

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