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Ed Sullivan

Accident scene

Watching his own show!

Going home

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For a long time, Ed Sullivan was the emcee of the most popular and longest running TV variety show in history. For a short time in August, 1956, his place of residence was Griffin Hospital in Derby! Sullivan was involved in a head-on automobile accident in Seymour that knocked out all his teeth and bruised his ribs. He was driving his own car that night when it was struck head on.  Ironically, his stay at Griffin and subsequent recuperation meant that he missed an appearance on his show of one of the biggest celebrities to ever appear on the show - Elvis Presley! Sullivan had earlier vowed not to have Presley on the show. Charles Laughton replace Sullivan for the night and introduced Presley for one of the most famous shows in Sullivan's long run.

He had been a sportswriter and covered the theatre and some gossip for the New York Daily News. His show was a TV mainstay from 1948 to 1971. Originally called "Toast of the Town," the show eventually was stamped with his name. Though Sullivan was legendary for his wooden demeanor, he was also noted for the remarkable variety of talent booked on the show.

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