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"Brother of the Brush"

That's Mayor Eugene Micci sporting a full blown beard, and if you look closely enough he is also sporting a large red button that was fairly prominent in the city in 1975. Derby was celebrating its 300th anniversary, and one of the programs that was part of the festivities was the "Brothers of the Brush" program when all males in town were urged to forgo the razor throughout the celebration - and many including the mayor did just that! 

The celebration was a special time for the city and featured a wide variety of activities involving just about everyone in town. Many of those events were featured in the video that our quiz was taken from. (Click here to watch the clip again.) In the clip, the mayor is seen and hear making his request that clean shaven faces disappear. Throughout the celebration, those who violated the edict were summarily tried and punished for their offense - though no one seemed to mind! The full video was shown as part of Derby Day 2006.

 Correct answers to both parts of the quiz were received from: Marc J. Garofalo, John M. Rak,  Randy Ritter, Jack Skelding, Lynne Anglace, Frank Lazowski, Sr., Markanthony Izzo, Ken Dupke, Shannon McCormick, Steve Tontini, jack moran, Bob Ahearn, John Kowarik, Nick from Terryvile, Bernie Conlon, Leo P. Moscato Jr., Fred Grant, Cyndi Poppa, Ann Searles, Ray Allen (DHS '75), John Stobierski, MaryAnn Meyer, Jack Vagnini, Mary Lou Boroski, Glenn Gaetano, john asp, Rick Dunne, Robert Loftus, Ellen Lenart, Jim Bartlett, Pat Oates, Bruce Sill, Tony Cannici, Naya Esposito, Edward Baclawski, AL MORAN, brian mcmahon, Joe Hassan, Chuck Stankye, Dave DeRosa, and Gene Petrowski, .

Many others had only half the anwers.

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