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Irish immigrants arrive in Derby


Quiz #175 coincided with St. Patrick's Day, so our quiz featured the first wave of Irish immigration to Derby when  the sloop The Guide arrived in Derby on September 10, 1833 marking the beginning of a major change in the demographics of the borough of Birmingham. Not only did this mark the beginning of a major Irish presence in the city, but also the beginning of the stirrings of Catholicism which the immigrants brought with them and quickly put into practice and soon established and built the first Irish church in the Valley - St. Mary's. Though there may have been other Irishmen who passed through Derby before 1833, the landing of The Guide opened the doors for many to follow. Among those arriving that day were John phalan, William Foley, Hohn O'Conners and Matthew Kellady.

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Randy Ritter, Nick from Terryville, John Whalen, John M. Rak, Wendy DiCarlo, Wendy DiCarlo , Fred Grant, Jack Vagnini, Dave DeRosa, Jim Bartlett, Marsha Pettengill, Marc J. Garofalo,  Raymond M. Petrillo, Allison Calvert, Gene Wajdowicz, Ken Dupke, Robert Loftus, and Eillen Krugel.

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