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Earlier Redevelopment on Roosevelt Drive

Roosevelt Drive then......

.... and now!

As you approach the center of Derby from the west, the area along the Housatonic River is bereft of buildings. However, that was not always the case as the first picture on this page shows. At one time, it may have looked a bit seedy, but there were a couple of popular restaurants located along the river side.

The two that we asked you to identify for the quiz were the River Restaurant and the Midway Restaurant. The Midway is long gone, but the River Restaurant still exists  though no longer next to the river. When the wrecker's ball knocked all of the buildings down, the River Restaurant moved father up Main Street to the corner of Caroline Street in a renovated brick building.  Unfortunately, that building was destroyed in a tragic gas explosion. However, the River Restaurant relocated again to New Haven on the east side of town and continues to thrive with great Italian food is now closed.

Many people shared their personal memories of the food and several also identified the Wonder Bar which was located there after the picture was taken.

Remember these? - click for larger images.

 This quiz proved to be both easy and difficult as many respondents had the location and the River Restaurant, but many missed the Midway. Correct answers were received from: Joe Dedo,  Jack Skelding, Fred Grant, Nick from Terryville, Dave Petz, Fred Rak, Jr. , John M. Rak, John Whalen, Millie from Ansonia, Bernie Williamson, Virginia Ljundquist, Neil Dorso, Ann Searles (with help from Vinny G.), Rick Dunne, Robert Loftus, Jack Vagnini, Ken Dupke, Bob Ahern, Anne Reilly, Al Gabianelli, Jack Moran, and Frank Lazowski.

Those who had the location and one restaurant included: Marsha Pettingill, Jack O'Callaghan, Tom Lenart, Marc, J. Garofalo, Margo Boni, Frank from St. Pete, Bernie Conlon, Marilyn Mizzi, Stan Sroka, Jim Bartlett, Pat Oates, Mary Lou Boroski and Gene Wajdowicz.

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