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That's Bob Skoronski (76) from Derby, Captain of the Green Bay Packers at Super Bowl I.

Bob Skoronski has been part of two previous quizzes, and there isn't any sense repeating his incredible credentials as a football player. But as the above SI cover shows, one of his greatest moments was serving as the captain of the winning Green bay Packer team in the very first Super Bowl. You can read more about his background from earlier quizzes here and here.

Correct answers for this quiz came from 11 states across the country as well as one foreign country showing that Bob's exploits are pretty well known!

Correct answers were received from:

Richard Chromik, Chuck Stankye, Leo the Grape, Ann Searles, Tony Cannici, Maria Anderson, Jimmy Ryan, Jack Moran, Raymond Petrillo, Ken Dupke, Tom Chebro, Jayb, ANGELO from Ansonia, James E. Mascolo, Jim Bartlett, Markanthony Izzo, Bernie Conlon, Dave Petz, Mary Lou Boroski, John M. Rak, Dominick Thomas, Eddie Calvert, Marc J. Garofalo, John Millea, Jim Butler, Lynne Anglace, Pam Petro, Rosalie Cota, john kowarik, Chris Kalesavich, Gene Wajdowicz, Randy Ritter, Jack Sheehy, Millie from Ansonia, bob scovin, frank in st pete beach, Dave DeRosa, Rob Hyder, Joe Melewski, Pearl Tyburski, Brad Tobin, Joe Dedo, Ray Allen, Nick from Terryvile and Robert Loftus.

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