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Harry A. Haugh, Jr.

Once the automobile came into existence, traffic jams were not far behind. Until the invention of the traffic control signal, police officers provided that function at busy intersections. However, the first traffic signals could not adjust for the amount of traffic flowing through an intersection. That advance didn't come until 1927, and it was Derby native Harry A. Haugh, Jr. working at Yale University who installed the first "electromatic traffic signal" in New Haven in 1928. The invention revolutionized traffic control by vehicular activation and won him national acclaim. In later years, he was to say that the idea for the device came to him from his observations of traffic at the corner of Main and Elizabeth Streets in his hometown.

So you can thank this graduate of the Derby High School Class of 1915 for coming up with an innovative way of improving the flow of traffic.To read more about Mr. Haugh, click here to go to the Derby Historical Society web site.

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