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Manufacturing Ice Skates in Derby

Many of our previous quizzes have dealt with manufacturing in Derby which was the economic engine that drove the city economy for more than a century. We've seen everything from pins to corsets, but the ice skates pictured above were also made in Derby.

As the ad to the left shows, the skates "easily and securely" fastened to the bottom of a shoe and did not require straps of any kind. They were made by Hawkins Manufacturing which was located in Birmingham, which was a borough of Derby that constitutes what is now the "downtown" part of Derby. The company was better known for making iron and steel used in axles and springs.

The question arises as to their connection to Hawkins Street, but we have no answer for that.


Our thanks to local amateur historian Randy Ritter for discovering this gem from Derby's industrial past.

This quiz generated more incorrect answers than any in years as many people identifed the skates as either snow shoes or shoe stretchers!

Correct answers were received from: ,
Skates & Manufacturer:
Dave Petz, Bob Ahearn, Jim Bartlett and Fred Grant

Just skates: Ross Allen, Shannon McCormick,  Bernie Conlon, Frederick Picroski, Jack Skelding, bob scovin, Gene Wajdowicz, Ron Thomas, Pat Duggan, Ann Searles and Paul Mari.

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