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Rev. Calvin White

Rev. Calvin White served as curate to the legendary Rev. Richard Mansfield and a fellow pastor. He was a graduate of Yale University class of 1786. White also spent some time servicing the Trinity Church in Humphreysville, but converted to Catholicism sometime around 1820. This was not a particularly popular decision at the time, as there were few Catholics in the area at the time. Now excluded from the Episcopal Church, White is said to have serviced the new Catholic population from his apartment where the current Tailgators Restaurant now stands until his death in 1853 at the age of 90. During his life, he fathered 21 children and had numerous grandchildren among which the most famous  was the renowned architect Stanford White.
Our thanks to Marian O'Keefe and the Derby Historical Society for this quiz

This quiz proved to be very difficult, but correct answers were received from: Carmela M. D'Onofrio, Millie from Ansonia, Marilyn Kassheimer, Stephanie Anne D'Onofrio, Nick from Terryville, Jack O'Callaghan, Eileen Krugel, Norm Audet , and Fred Grant.

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