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The picture from the Evening Sentinel in 1980 is the only record that we have of the achievement of Adam Horoschak's record as the World Lightweight Wrestling Champ. We could not find any further information to substantiate the report, but thanks to Randy Ritter who submitted the picture and idea for the quiz, we do know that Adam died on April 24, 1991. We also know that he served in the US Army in WWII. Rosalie Cota, who responded to the quiz and had the correct first name, remembered him as an older man who hired local boys to shovel downtown streets and had keys to many of the businesses where he ran a variety of errands for the proprietors. Some referred to him as the "Mayor of Downtown".

Correct answers were received from: Nick from Terryville, Marc J. Garofalo, Chuck Stankye, Rick Dunne, John M. Rak, Joe Titta, Ellen Gambaccini, Brian Calvert, Ken Dupke, Fran Terlizzi, Jack Moran, Mary Lou Boroski, Michael Rak and Fred Columbo.

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