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Picture courtesy of Randy Ritter

The Derby Little League has been a Derby sporting institution for 60 years since this smiling group of "Laurels" participated in the 1950 season. Much has changed since then including the number and names of the teams. The first year there were only two teams, and they competed with teams in Shelton. It soon grew to four and they eventually got their own home at Uluski Field in the Ryan Athletic Complex.

In the quiz, we asked for the names of the other three of the original four teams. They were the Brigades, Shamrocks and Iroquois. Many of our participants had the Rovers and Athletics, but they came in later. Ironically, none of the teams are still in existence in the "Major League" division of Derby Little League which is now regionalized. The teams go by much more familiar names today - REd Sox and Yankees. However, in a tip to its history, the Derby Little League keeps its history alive in its Tee Ball division where you can see still see Brigades, Iroquois, Laurels, Rovers, aad Shamrocks running the base paths.

The bonus question asked about the original "home" field, it was in a lot behind the Lafayette A.C. on Hawkins Street. The Lafayette A.C. is still there, but the field is long gone.

The following people had completely correct answers for all of the teams: Nick from Terryville, Anthony P. Ziomek, John M. Rak, Jack Moran, Robert Hyder, Joe Dedo, Chuck Stankye, Michael Regan, William X. Conlon, Tony Coppola, "Spatch", Fred Grant, b sill, Joe Emma, Fred Columbo, Mary Bisaccia, Paul Comkowycz,  "big buffon" and Tim Conlon

These people knew the field was on Hawkins Street: Anthony P. Ziomek, Neil V. Dorso, Jack Moran, Nick from Terryville, Joe Dedo, Chuck Stankye,  Michael Regan,William X. Conlon, b sill, Joe Emma, Fred Columbo, Bernie Conlon, Markanthony Izzo, Mary Bisaccia, Fred Grant, "big buffon" and Tim Conlon.

We had too many who had some of the teams right to name them all, but we want to thank everyone for participating. We also want to those those who submitted the following names as people in the picture: Ed Strang, Don Colonese, Al Colonese, Bobby Heffernan, Pat Juliano, Anthony Bunosso,  Lucarelli, Bill Uluski, Martin Chromik, "Pee-wee" Rodregous, Charlie "Cubby" Cuberston, Richie "Whitey" Gomez, Tommy Harrison, Kenny Roche, Jimmy Fitzpatrick, Johnny Fitzpatrick,

We don't know who "Big Buffoon" is, but he made the following attempt at matching people to their position in the photo:

front L-R Seated Ziggy...jr, Rev. Rob. Heffernan,Ron Ryan, Chief Pat Juliano, Bert Lucarelli, Butch Bunosso, Fran Verni 

Middle ?...Lique jr,Arnold Palmucci, John Lovermi,Paul Davis, Al Colonese, John Orazietti, Bill Lombardi, Roger Murdoch, coach ....Lique

last row coach  Ziggy...Sr.Edmund Strang,   ??Richard Porga, Don Colonese.

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