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Today Ken Pereiras is better known as the wildly successful coach of the Seymour High School girls softball team where he has won three state championships and four Naugatuck Valley League titles since taking over the program in 2005. His five year record is an incredible 128 - 5!

Long before he started re-writing the coaching record books in Seymour, he was doing the same to the Derby High School basketball record book as you can see above. Though usually one of the smallest players on the court, he had no trouble weaving his way through and around defenses to set single game, single season and career scoring records for the Red Raiders. The single game scoring record stills stands, but John Vitello eclipsed him for the season and career (1,396) totals. After his career at Derby, Pereiras went on to play at Western Connecticut State College.

Correct answers were received from: Fred Grant, Barbara DeGennaro, Nick from Terryville, Tony Cannici, Amanda Willette, Ron Sill, Rich Froehle, Marc J. Garofalo, Beth Lynch, John DeBarbieri, Eileen Krugel, Ed Morse, Ken Dupke, jimmy allbert, Jack Vagnini, Markanthony Izzo, Joe Titta, Dominick Boanno, Jean Malone, Tom Lionetti, Bert DeForest Sr, David Neus, Joe Dedo, Ray Allen (DHS 75), Bob Ahearn, M Meyer, and Sean Conlon.

Gary Parker had the correct name,  but not the current coaching position.

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