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Ray, Harry and Frank Cicia were remarkable brothers in Valley history.

Shelton and Derby are both good neighbors and friendly rivals, and Harry and Frank Cicia pictured above might be the best example of that since the brothers served as mayors of Derby and Shelton respectively. The third brother, Ray,  also made quite a name for himself, but not as a politician. He starred in football at Ansonia High School and later in the Canadian Football League.

Harry Cicia was a popular dentist in Derby who was elected mayor of the city in 1966 ending the Democratic party's 46 year hold on the office. Ironically, the last Republican mayor before him was James B. Atwater who was the subject of our last quiz. His brother Frank was elected as the Judge of Probate in Shelton in the 1966 election as well.

Dr. Cicia's term as mayor was longer than the traditional two year term as the state of Connecticut did away with even-year city elections giving him a third year to his term. However, he was unable to complete the third year as he resigned as of April 1, 1969 because of health issues. He passed away on October 20, 1970. 

The following people had correct answers: John M. Rak, Ann Searles, Fred Grant, Pat Filan, Nick from Terryville, Marc J. Garofalo, Joe Dedo, Barbara Nimons, Jack Sheehy, and wm. kozak.

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