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UCONN Football Captains from Derby

Ed Coss

"Buddy" Amendola

Dennis O'Connell

This long-running quiz, proved to be particularly difficult because we were looking for three answers rather than just one, and you have to go back almost 80 years to begin to find the answers. Derby has had its share of great high school football player, but the three men pictured above also have the distinction of going on to captain football teams at the University of Connecticut.

Ed Coss was the first way back in the 1930's. After graduating from UConn, he coached an undefeated Clark School football team in 1936 that was the prep school champion of New England that year.  He eventually returned home and became a teacher and coach at Derby High School. The picture above isn't from his football days, but rather from his 1951 basketball team which is the on D.H.S. team to ever capture a state title in that sport! Click here to learn more about that team. Randy Ritter also unearthed this information from a UCONN yearbook which shows that Ed was also a leader off the field while at UCONN. And let's not forget what a great history teacher he was at D.H.S.


In the 1950's, it was Bonaventure "Buddy" Amendola who took his skills and leadership talents to the Huskies where he captained both the 1954 and 1955 teams and went on to play in the 1955 North South Shrine All Star game along with another Derby legend, Bob Skoronski. If the name still sounds familiar to our younger audience it's because the athletic fields behind Bradley School are named in his honor.

Last, but not least is Dennis O'Connell who played during the glory years of Derby High School football in the 1970's before heading off to Storrs for a stellar career on the collegiate level. Dennis is still putting his leadership skills to work for the benefit of the city as he is the Director of Parks & Recreation in Derby.

Correct answers were received from: Nick from Terryville, Mary Seuss, Mildred Fatterusso, Joe Dedo, Marc J. Garofalo, "Dutch" Pereiras, Eileen Krugel, Fred Grant, Frank Rak, Joseph DiRenzo, Paul Comkowycz, Dennis Kisyk, Steve Susi, and Bob Ahearn (Who also played football at UCONN!).

The following people were able to name two of the three: Fran DeGennaro, Tony Cannici, Bill Pucci, Ann Searles, John Rak, Barbara DeGennaro, frank colonese, and Michael J Regan.

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