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World Champions Called Derby Home

First organized in 1932 as the John H. Collins Fife, Drum & Bugle Corps, this group went on to win just about every championship known in the world of Drum Corps including DCA Championships in 1967, 1969 and 1981. In 1932 when Walter H. DeForest donated 6 fifes, 4 snares, 1 bass drum, and a pair of cymbals, the group marched in local and regional parades. By 1954 all of the fifes were gone and focus was on the drum and bugle competitions that would soon lead to national fame. In 1955, they changed their name and by 1964, they reached the top of the drum corps world by winning the World Open Championships. During the 1960's, they entered 104 competitions and won 51 of them.

During the course of this quiz, we learned an interesting story about the origin of the name of the group. Most associate the name with the hurricanes that devastated Derby in 1955, but we have a more interesting twist! According to our source, the band was performing - and partying in Florida. When they were checking out of their hotel, one of the clerks said that it was like getting hit by a hurricane! Which story is true? We'll leave that to you to decide!

Another of our correct responders also pointed out that the Hurricanes also had a junior drum corps named the Connecticut Thunderbolts which practices in Seymour.

Correct answers were received from:

Nick from Terryville, Stu Naylor, Mary Bisaccia, Joe Dedo, Ann Searles, MARY SUESS, Meghan Condon Jackson, Jack Moran, harry katzman, Julia Romano Soda, chris from SW Florida, Edward Baclawski, Mildred Fatterusso, Dennis Kisyk, jack vagnini, Pat Filan, Jeffrey Tracz, John M. Rak, Marc J. Garofalo, Stephanie Anne D'Onofrio, KEN BURGESS, Chuck Stankye, Bob Ahearn, Marilyn Mizii, Ray gagne, Allan Brozek, Joe Duggan, Chris Kalesavich, Marie Chebro, Mary Lou Boroski, Cyndi Poppa, Paul Comkowycz, Joseph DiRienzo, Fred Grant, Ed Sheehy, Freddy Columbo, Joe Emma, Jean Graboski Malone, Robert Loftus, Louise Pitney, Michael J. Regan, Markanthony Izzo, Ginny D'Andrea, TJ, Tony Monaco, Virginia  Ljungquist, Nancy Seeley, Joe Titta, JIM norris, ruth e. barnett, James Mascolo, Al from Seymour John Kowarik, Steve Tyburski, Joe Navin, larrie meye, Fred Muratori, Walt Dalia, LISA DETULLIO, Anna Beatrice, Gary Parker, Eric Culmo, Bert DeForest Sr, Howard Bradshaw, Kim Dupke, tom lionetti, Mary Lou Boroski, Frank Cwanek,Bill Pucci,Geoff Childs,  terry Snell,  Pat Shelton, and Robert Pasquini.

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