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Jerry Denny was the last Major League position player to play his entire career without using a fielding glove. He later achieved local notoriety as the manager of the Derby Angels in the Connecticut League which was a professional league in the early 1900's. He lived on Elizabeth Street. Baseball was a big deal in Derby back then. In 1895, Derby had built a baseball stadium that was considered the finest in the entire state.

However, before he arrived he had a great career in "major" league baseball, including hitting the only home run in the first post season matchup between the National League and American Association way back in 1884.

He really was quite an amazing player. When he first started playing, it was not unusual for players to go without gloves while in the field. However, he is considered to be the very last major leaguer to play his entire career without wearing a glove. On top of that he was ambidextrous - which would have been a lot easier without wearing a glove! He also holds another distinction which may still be a major league record. In 1882, he set a major league record for fielding chances by a third baseman in a game with 16. The game did go 18 innings, but 16 chances at third base by someone not wearing a glove would have been extraordinary no matter how long the game.

In an earlier quiz, we identified three other major league players with Derby connections, and now we'll have to add Jerry Denny to the list.

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