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President Kennedy in Derby

In his book, The Making of the President, 1960, Theodore White did a great job in capturing presidential candidate John Kennedy's dramatic visit to Derby on his was to Waterbury just days before his victory over Richard Nixon in the 1960 presidential election. Most people know that story, but many have forgotten that Kennedy also rode through the streets of Derby as president on Wednesday, October 17, 1962. As you can see from the very poor picture above, Main Street was lined that day with thousands of people hoping to catch a glimpse of the youngest elected president in US history - and that's just what they got - a quick glimpse.

Kennedy was not slated to stop in Derby, but that did not stop Mayor John Bartimole and other local leaders from building a platform on Elizabeth Street right at the corner of Main Street. According to the Evening Sentinel, the Derby High School band also lined Main Street, waiting to entertain the president and the crowd. The president was in an open top limousine, and was clearly visible to the crowd, but as he approached the Main Street intersection with Elizabeth Street he stood up and waved to people on the "Vonetes" side of the street - unintentionally turning his back to the officials on the reviewing stand which he may not have even noticed! In a matter of seconds, the president had sped by. Anyone who witnessed it, can still recall it to this day - and several of our quiz responders did! This may have been a bright spot on an otherwise difficult day as the Cuban Missile crisis was under way behind the scenes, but the public did not know it at this point.

The Sentinel estimated that 6,000 people saw the president in Derby that day.

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