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Derby's Flood Control Walls

Though we said this quiz was "simple", that was not the case at all as many people evidently read more into the question than was there as the picture above is from the construction of the flood control walls along the Naugatuck River. Today the flood control walls have evolved into the popular Derby Greenway. However from 1968-1972 the Army Corps of Engineers built the dikes in response to the horrible floods of 1955 that had the entire area in the picture under water. We've got a complete album of photos taken during the construction here. This quiz generated more incorrect answers than any quiz prior!

Correct answers were received from: John Kowarik, John M. Rak,  Thomas lenart, David M. Hughes,  Nick from Terryville,  ED GORZELANY, Dennis Kisyk, Jeffrey Tracz, "Joel", Jack Sheehy, Fred Grant, Jim Norris, Jack Vagnini, Ann Searles, Joseph DiRienzo, Marc J. Garofalo, chris p, Bob Ahearn, Andy Mendyk, Frank Lazowski, Sr, Jay, Frank Cwanek, Robert Loftus, Dennis P. Kisyk Sr., Markanthony  Izzo, Richard a. Stankye, Allan Brozek, Walt Mayhew, and Anthony Ziomek.

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