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Early picture with the Bassett House & Sterling Opera House

Later picture with the Hotel Clark and Sterling Opera House

Derby's YMCA

Derby has a very active Community Center with a gym and swimming pool today, but it also once had its own YMCA as the pictures above show. The old gym and building are long gone, but the new Community Center is only up the street and around the corner. The Y was on Elizabeth Street in an area that has long since been redeveloped.

For years after the YMCA finally closed its doors, there was a YMCA Foundation that supported such worthwhile activities as the Recreation Camp and the Boys & Girls Club.

Correct answers were received from: Cindy Poppa, Kathi Ducharme, Edward Baclawski, Randy Ritter, Paul Comcowycz, Beth Colette, Mayor Marc J. Garofalo, Pastor Walt Mayhew, Frank Wajdowicz, Millie from Ansonia, Ann Searles, Linda Larue, Markanthony Izzo, Ken Dupke, Joan Driscoll, Kevin Henri, Jack O'Callaghan, Jim Bartlett, Frank Lazowski, Sr, John Asp, Mary Lou Boroski, Rick Dunne, Jack Skelding, Ronald E. Thomas, Jim and Linda Mascolo, and Jack Moran.

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