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Harriet Stratton Parker

Only one person knew that in 1904 when Alton B. Parker of New York was running for president under the Democratic banner, his 80 year old mother was living in the heart of Derby with her daughter. She was living with James A. and May Lena Miles at 291 Elizabeth Street  She died Sept 19, 1914 at her daughter's summer home in Milford.

She was quoted in the papers of the time as saying, "I know nothing of politics, but I feel sure that if my son should be elected he would make a good president." He didn't win, but he did create quite a stir when he announced that he would only be a one term president if elected. It seems he was not a great supporter of the growing power of the presidency at the time. He lost by an overwhelming margin in both the popular and electoral vote to Teddy Roosevelt. He did not carry the state of Connecticut.

Our thanks to Randy Ritter for the information for this quiz!

The only correct answer came from Fred Grant in Clermont, Florida.

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