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Pink House Cove

The picture above is an early photo of the "Pink House" Cove section of the Housatonic River. The inlet has been a popular fishing spot for generations - both in summer and in the winter when the cove freezes over and the ice fishermen turn over.

Though we have been unable to find the official reason for the cove being named "Pink House," we did get some clues from a couple of participants. One remembered a pink house in the area. That sounds reasonable, but not as colorful as another "legend" that claimed that the pink house was actually a brothel!

This quiz attracted one of the largest responses of correct answers since we started the quiz. We have to apologize however for the limited listing of correct quiz participants listed below. A hard drive crash wiped out all of the correct responses received before June 1 and only the more recent ones are listed below. If you replied correctly and are not listed, send us an e-mail, and we'll add you to the list.

Correct answers were received from: Howard Bradshaw, Markanthony Izzo, leo moscato jr, Rosalie Cota, Ann Searles, Lynne Anglace, Dan Bacik, Bret Pereiras, Theodore Hawks, Thomas Harbinson, Mary Suess, Joan Driscoll, Eddie Calvert, Mary Lou boroski, Joe Dedo, and Jim and Linda Mascolo.

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