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Sheldon Thompson

Bill Menna

Derby High graduate Bill Menna went on to serve as mayor of

In addition to its own political history, Derby has contributed to the political life of many other area towns in the area and across the country. Our last quiz focused on five men who spent time in Derby, but went on to serve as mayors of other cities. They were:

Mayor City
Bill Menna Ansonia
Samuel Andrews Rochester
Fred Atwater Bridgeport
Edward Kneen Shelton
Sheldon Thompson Buffalo

Ironically, Kneen and Thompson were the first to elected mayors of respective towns. There are several others who went on to elected offices elsewhere, but that's the subject for future quizzes!

Correct (or mostly corrrect!) answers were received from: Kathi Ducharme, Millie from Ansonia, Stewart Anthony, brian mcmahon, John M. Rak, Joe Dedo, Dave Petz, Mary Lou Boroski, Robert Hyder, Marc J. Garofalo, Markanthony Izzo, Cyndi ?, Eileen Krugel, Rick Dunne, Fred Grant, Joe Pinto

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