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Division Street Bridge - 1910

Sometime later this year, the renovated and expanded Division street Bridge across the Naugatuck River will be completed and ready to handle the ever expanding volume of traffic in the area. Back in 1910, it looked quite different as you can see from the old postcard above. This quiz proved to be especially troublesome as many people guessed correctly that it is the Naugatuck River being spanned, yet most thought it was on Main Street. Perhaps it was the railroad tracks on the right of the picture that caused the confusion as they no longer exist and vegetation along the right of way has hidden all remnants of the roadbed.

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Correct answers were received from: Eddie Calvert, Edward Baclawski, Millie from Ansonia, Ronald Earl Thomas, Frank Lazowski, Sr., C. F. Douglass, Sean Conlon, Jack Skelding, Joan Driscoll, Henry Wajdowicz, Ron Sill, Ann Searles, Walt Mayhew, Donm Grailich and Markanthony Izzo.

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