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Charles and Luke Bunnell, Lemuel and Levi Chatfield, John French and Daniel Munson were Derby residents who shared something in death as well as in life. They all called Derby home, but they also became involved in the French and Indian War and met untimely deaths as a result. Luke Bunnel died in October 23, 1756 while his brother Charles was killed somewhere between Fort Edward and Lake George on July 26, 1758.

Lemuel Chatfield died at the camp at Lake George on September 3, 1758 while his twin brother Levi died barely a month later on October 15, 1758 after returning to Derby. They were only 19 years old when they died.

John French Died on October 16, 1761 at Crown Point while Daniel Munson had died five years earlier on August 2, 1756 at Fort Edward. So even before the American Revolution, Derby had established a proud tradition of military service that has lasted through the generations to today.

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