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This rather imposing kettle is a remnant of Derby's maritime past. Known as the Old Hallock Kettle, it was first used to try out blubber on whaling ships. From 1816 to 1869 it was used at Hallock's Shipyard at the "Narrows" section of Derby for the purpose of steaming and bending ships knees.

 In 1944, Edith Hallock Gardner presented it to the Derby Public Library in commemoration of the D.A.R.'s 50th anniversary. The grounds for the library were donated by the Sara Riggs Humphreys Chapter, D.A.R. The land was originally to be used for a permanent home for the society. In return for the land, the Society has permanent access to space in the library for its needs. The kettle was moved to its current location as part of the library's recent renovation and expansion.

Correct answers were received from: Edward Baclawski, Eileen Krugel, Roslaie Cota, Markanthony Izzo,  J. McMahon, Clarence Douglass, Henry Wajdowicz, Brian McMahon, Marsha Pettingill, Eileen Henri, Mary Lou Boroski, James Allaire, Tony DeFeo, Justin Henri, Ron Sill, Randy Ritter, and Raymond M. Petrillo. Several others knew where it was located, but did not know what it was used for though they had some creative ideas!

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