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Hoffman House

The Hoffman House at the corner of Main and Water Streets was the last hotel in Derby before being demolished in the 1960's to give Farrel's factory more room. The empty lot will soon get a new life as part of a new Home Depot store. 

An 1895 edition of the Evening Transcript described the Hoffman House as the leading hotel in the Valley patronized by "the better class of people".

The earliest hotel in Derby may date back to a tavern kept by Ebenezer Johnson on Sodom Lane in 1675. Down through the years, there were many hotels in Derby including the Mansion House, the Bassett House and the Hotel Clark. The Hoffman House was neither the biggest or the most famous hotel in Derby, but it was the last - at least for now!

Correct answers were received from: Markanthony Izzo, C. F. Douglass,  Randy Ritter, Mary Lou Boroski,  John Kowarik, David Lenart and Tom Carey.

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