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In 1804, the Connecticut state legislature named a northern part of Derby as Humphreysille after David Humphreys, a six-year United States Minister to Spain who was born in Derby. He returned to Derby in 1802 and brought with him 91 merino sheep which he used to build a thriving wool industry on the banks of the Naugatuck in the area that became Seymour after breaking away from Derby in 1850. Humphreysville was a very progressive industrial village for its time, and its history makes for very interesting reading.

This quiz evoked a wide rang of correct answers as some respondents knew the basic answer that Humphreysville is now called Seymour. Others did not know it is called Seymour but did know where the name Humphreysivlle came from. And then there are our "star" respondents who knew both answers (We will not comment on those who got both answers wrong!). 

Both Answers Correct:

Jack O'Callaghan

Mary Lou Boroski

David Lenart

Randy Ritter

Mayor Marc J. Garofalo

Clarence Douglass

Gene Wajdowicz

Thomas Harbison

Ann Searles
Eileen Henri
John Kowarik
Paul Varsanik, Jr.
Nicole Bruscella
Henry Wajdowicz
Rick Dunne
Melissa Costantini

Knew the current location, but not the origin:

  • Steve Owens

  • Sarah Miller

Knew the origin, but not the location: 

  • Brenna Kelleher

  • Glenn Stevens

  • Marilyn Mizzi

  • Ray Silvernale

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