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When the Washington Bridge was first constructed connecting Milford and Stratford, residents of Derby were not especially pleased as they viewed it as an obstacle to their trade. One of Derby's residents of the time took special exception to the bridge one day.

The story goes that upon Jerrod Bartelmy's return to Derby from a sea voyage, the drawbridge in Stratford was not raised quickly enough, in his opinion, for his ship to pass through, whereupon he drew his vessel parallel to the bridge and blasted it with his ship's cannon.

Interestingly, years later the same Captain Bartelmy used an ax to demolish a gate used by the the toll-keeper on the river turnpike in Derby. Bartelmy was engaged in the rescue of an ox team that had broken through the ice in the river. When the toll-keeper demanded a fee before letting Bartlemy proceed on his rescue, Bartelmy took exception and hacked away at the gate and proceeded on his mission of mercy.

Correct answers were received from Mary Lou Boroski, Rick Dunner, Mayor Marc Garofalo, Markanthony Izzo, and David Neustaedter.

Bartelmy lived on Elm Street which is now part of the Historical District in Ansonia.

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