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Derby Academy

This picture is a picture of the first public school in Derby. It was located on Fifth St. The first school was built in Derby in 1711 and the second one was built in 1726. In 1786 Derby Academy was founded in Derby on Academy Hill near the reservoir. In 1838 The Birmingham Academy was built. This became the Irving School in 1869 and it was located on Fifth Street where the Derby Veterans Community Center is located today.

The Birmingham High School was originally located on the top floor of the Irving School until a High School was built on Minerva St. in 1925. In 1968, the Derby High School was built on Nutmeg Ave.

This picture quiz was produced by Mrs. Blackwell's fourth grade class at Irving School.   It was submitted by: Michael Panoz, Lindsey Barriga, and Donna Stalker.

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