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The James B. Atwater Bridge across the Naugatuck River was dedicated in 1962. Its namesake was twice elected mayor of Derby. He served in 1909-1910 and again in 1921-1922. In addition to being mayor he was very active in politics also serving as police commissioner, and member of the board of apportionment and taxation.

He also served in several other public capacities including trustee and president of the Derby Public Library, president of the Housatonic Council, Boy scouts of America and president of the Birmingham National Bank. He also served as president of Griffin Hospital and director of both the Birmingham Water Company and the Derby Gas & electric Company among others.

Interestingly enough, the first person across the newly opened bridge was one of our correct answerers C.F. Douglass. Clarence informs us that he was greeted on the East Derby side by Police Officer Albert Moran and Evening Sentinel photographer Ed Cotter. Too bad we don't have the photo!

Correct answers were received from: Randy Ritter, Chris Domurad, C. F. Douglass, John Rak, Jason Bashura, Mary Lou Boroski, Marsha Pettingill, Cady Gardella, Mayor Marc Garofalo, and Henry Wajdowicz. Since several people didn't know Atwater's first name we gave Pat Skelding credit for a correct answer also despite the wrong first name. 

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