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Comic books printed in Derby, Connecticut

This quiz received more responses than any before it. (Now let's not assume anything about the reading level of our users!!) As so many of our guessers pointed out, these comics all had their origin at the Charlton Press which once stood at the corner of Division Street and Pershing Drive in Derby. The sprawling factory that was owned by the Santangelo family was torn down and replaced by Raider Plaza and XPect Discount. Thanks to Randy Ritter for submitting the quiz.

Correct answers were received from:

Eileen Henri
Ann Searles
Marsha Pettingill
Tom Carey
Mary Lou Boroski
Jack Skelding
Rick Dunne
Marilyn Mizzi
Clarence Douglass
Luis, Nicole, Billy & Chris
Marc Garofalo
Sal & Joanne Onofrio
Paul Varsanik, Jr.
Leo Moscato
Tom Harbinson
Justin Henri
Frank Lazowski
Normand Audet
Ray Allen
James Haefele
Robert Hyder
Gaetano Catone
John Asp
Gene Wajdowicz
Pat Dimon
Matt Wisniewski
Markanthony Izzo
Rim Marciniak
Tom Marcucio
"Easter Bunny"
Edward Baclawski
Ross Allen
Jack Moran
Jim & Linda Mascolo
Dave Petz
Jim Bartlett
Brian McMahon
Jack O'Callaghan
Henry Wajdowicz
David Neustaedter
Bonnie Berman
Bill Lombardi
Rosalie Cota
Alexander C. Wailonis


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