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First Congregational Church

The First Congregational Church has been around for a long time. In fact, it might be described as the mother of all religious institutions in the Valley. The building pictured above officially opened with Reverand Zephanaiah Swift preaching the first sermon on May 1, 1821. However, the congregation's roots go much deeper than that!

In colonial times, every settlement had to prove that it could maintain a minister before the general Court would recognize it as a town. When Derby was officially incorporated on May 13, 1675, city residents assured the Court that they had engaged the services of Rev. John Bowers, who had promised to move to the settlement. The church members met at the parsonage or in the homes of other families until the town voted to build a Meeting House on Nov. 21, 1681. The "Church of Christ in Derby" had been formally organized on Feb. 25, 1677.

Correct answers were received from: Mary Lou Boroski, Bob Ahearn, Randy Ritter,  Ann Searles,  Tom Carey, and Clarence Douglass.

Henry Wajdowicz, Marsha Pettingill, Brenna Kelleher, and Ron Sill recognized the church, but not the name of the first minister.

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