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In the earliest days of Derby, the Derby Green was located on the east side of town. In later years that Green was superseded by the area in the center of town now known as the Derby Green. In, 1904, the Daughters of the American Founders and Patriots rededicated the original green at the foot of Academy Hill as "Founders Commons" in memory of the first settlers.

Years later, the watering trough pictured above was moved from its old location at the corner of Seymour and Atwater Avenues in front of the current Veterans Memorial. It had been placed there in 1906.

Correct answers were received from: Gilda Anroman, Edward Baclawski, Ann Searles, Ron Sill, M Meyer, Henry Wajdowicz, Gene Wajdowicz, Glenn Stevens, Tom Harbison, Marsha Pettingill, Mary Lou Boroski, Jason Bashura, Catherine Kelleher, C. F. Douglass, and Randy Ritter. Those highlighted also got the bonus part of the question correct.

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