Derby History Quiz - Franklin School

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This was another in our series of quiz questions related to schools in Derby. As many people realized, this building is still around - though it is no longer a school. Franklin School is found in "East" Derby along Rt. 34. Judged by the number of respondents, there are still a lot of people out there with fond memories of this school which has been converted in the Franklin Apartments.

This quiz had more correct answers than any previous quiz! Correct answers were received from: H. Wajdowicz, Normand Audet, Robert Hyder, Dave Lenart, Mary Lou Boroski, Paul C. Varsanik, Jr., Ann Searles, Conrad Brejwo, Mayor Marc Garofalo, Marsha Pettingill, Gene Wajdowicz, Tom Chebro, David Neustaedter, Jack, O'Callaghan, Kevin O'Callaghan, Jack Sheehy, Betty Lewis Anderson, Linda Lindner, Randy Ritter, Alexander C. Wailionis, Ray Allen, Markanthony Izzo, Glenn H. Stevens, Marilyn Mizzi, Eileen Henri, Rose Sampiere, C. F. Douglass, Catherine Kelleher, Ray Petrillo, Bonnie Dalton and Edward Baclawski. A couple of others also had the correct answer, but wished to remain anonymous.

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