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George Beaman holds the distinction of being Derby's first gravedigger having been chosen for this important duty in 1683. He probably carried out most of his duties in the Uptown Burial Ground which is reputed to be the oldest public burial ground in the United States. You can visit the Olde Derby Uptown Burial Ground as part of the Valley Heritage Driving Tour. The Burial Ground was the subject of one of our earlier quizzes.

See who's buried there - Click here for a listing & gravestone engravings complete with photos of many of the headstones.

Correct answers were received from: Rick Dunne, C. F. Douglass, Marsha Pettingill, Kimberly Shelton, MarkAnthony Izzo, Randy Ritter, Mary Lou Boroski, Edward Baclawski, David Neustaedter, Pat Comkowycz and Lee Wiliamson.

C. F. Douglass added this anecdote to his correct answer, "Mr. Beaman was appointed the first gravedigger, for the Uptown Burying Ground in 1683. Receiving two shillings for a child's grave and two shilling six pence for an adult -  no where enough under today's monetary system to buy a cold beer."

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