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An Educational Pioneer From Derby

Education is always a hot issue in Derby, but only our fearless quiz participants knew that Derby native Josiah Holbrook was the a founder of an educational reform movement that swept the country in the nineteenth century. That movement was known as the Lyceum Movement.

Holbrook was born in Derby and graduated from Yale. He returned to Derby and married a daughter of a local minister who died a few years later and left him with two sons to raise. He had inherited the family farm and shortly thereafter (1824) established a school (Agricultural Seminary) dedicated to natural science and manual labor. Though the school failed after two years, Holbrook had established his basic educational beliefs.

He published his ideas in the American Journal of Education and moved on to Massachusetts where he established his first Lyceum in Millbury. He moved on to Pennsylvania, New York and Washington D. C. spreading his ideas for educational reform. While walking alone collecting minerals one morning in Lynchburg, Virginia he fell into a creek from a cliff and was drowned.

Correct answers were received from: John Kowarik, Normand Audet, Jack O'Callaghan, Joseph Pinto, Joan Driscoll, Jack Skelding, Angelo Diruba, Dominick Thomas, MaryAnn Meyer, Raymond Petrillo, Kimberley Shelton, Jane Papale, Ray Allen, Mary Lou Boroski, Paul Comkowycz, Michael J. Flora, Sr., Eileen Krugel, Walt Mayhew, Don Grailich, Joe Laskowski, Robert Loftus, Kevin Henri, Bernie Conlon, Ben Jones, C. F. Douglass, Eddie Calvert, Markanthony Izzo, Howard Bradshaw, Ann Searles, Mayor Marc J. Garofalo, Randy Ritter, Millie from Ansonia,

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