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Issac Hull

The question was: Name the Derby resident who became famous for winning the first American naval battle during the War of 1812?
Bonus: What was the name of the frigate that he commanded?

The answer is:

Issac Hull was born in Derby in 1773. He was a very skilled seaman. When Hull attained the rank of captain in the American Navy, he was put in command of the Constitution. On Aug. 19, 1812 the Constitution became engaged in a battle with the Guerriere, an English Navy vessel. Within one half hour, the Constitution had won the battle, making it the first  naval win for the U.S. during the War of 1812. The ship earned the nickname "Old Ironsides" because even though the ship came within 50 yards of the Guerriere during the battle, it did not suffer any major damage.

The winners are:

Marc Anthony Izzo Ed Gorzelany Rick Dunne
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Jennifer Barriga Henry Jemoito CF Douglas
April Pruzinsky Eilleen Krugal Monica Rak

Joe Hanson

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