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Derby's First State Legislators

Though Derby was formally recognized by the state legislature in 1675, they were not entitled to have representatives in the legislature until 1685. One of the advantages for the town was the lack of state taxation during the ten year period. However, in 1685 the taxes started and so did Derby's representation. Ebenezer Johnson and Abel Gunn were Derby's first representatives.

Though that was the answer that we were looking for, several enterprising quiz takers correctly pointed out that in the same year Johnson was appointed a lieutenant and Gunn an ensign in the first military company established in town. Thank you Homeric Celery (!) for being the first to add this gem to our knowledge of Derby history!

Other correct answers were received from: Randy Ritter, Ann Searles, C. F. Douglas, Rob Hyder, Mary Lou Boroski, and Dan Seur.

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