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ousatonicwaterco.jpg (280572 bytes)

Ousaontic Water Company then......

flavburst.jpg (34863 bytes)

........Flavor Burst now!

The Ousatonic Water Company was chartered in 1859 and has been providing water to the city ever since even though it has also been known as the Birmingham Water Company and currently the Ansonia-Derby Water Company. The water company's latest legacy to the city was the sale of the land on which the old reservoirs were located. That land is now the city's Witek Park.

The old headquarters of the Water Company are still delivering a liquid substance to the populace -  only now its frozen and it is ice cream as Flavor Burst now occupies the building. Prior to the ice cream store, the building was an office supply store and a locksmith's shop.

Correct answers were received from: Glenn Stevens, Howard Bradshaw, Steve Owens, Robert Hyder, Clarence Douglass, Tom Carey,  Markanthony Izzo, J. Catone, John Rak, Marsha Pettingill,  Mary Lou Boroski, Andrew Detullio and Lori Veillette.

Randy Ritter supplied both pictures for this quiz. The original came from an old poster of Derby dating back to 1898.

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